AMA - IB Coverage / M&A From Non-Target School to Tier 1 Bulge Bracket and M&A Boutique

Mod Note (Andy) - as the year comes to an end we're reposting the top AMA's from 2015, this one was originally posted 2/21/2015.

I had a good, but not great GPA, and went to a similarly leveled college on the east coast. It's still a non-target university known more for sciences and engineering than for business and finance. I had to work my way into a 2nd-tier bulge bracket bank that is mostly US focused through a summer internship and then dealt with the crash and worst time in recent memory for wanting to break into Investment Banking. Once full-time I moved to a truly global bulge bracket bank (GS, DB, MS, CS, JPM) as we all know them and then transitioned a couple of years ago to one of the large M&A shops where I currently reside.

I enjoy helping others that come from non-target schools or might have GPAs that will be overlooked because they aren't 3.8+ and are interested in breaking into Investment Banking.

Status: Analyst, Associate Promote, VP

Deal profile: Completed more than 30 deals encompassing M&A (sell side, buy side, MoE), Equity (IPOs, follow-ons, block trades), Debt (Converts, IG, HY, RCF, Mezz) and LBOs

Industry specializations: TMT, Consumer Retail

Locations: East and West Coast Banking Experience