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Dear fellow WSO-ers - I am an analyst with three years of experience, who graduated with a BS in Finance from a tiny non-target VA liberal arts school in May 2008. During school I had a great internship with the real estate acqusition subsidiary of my college, managed a $500,000 student investment fund, and sold real estate. Post graduate experience includes 1 year M&A experience at a small firm in Boston, and 1 year of distressed debt investing experience at a small firm in Miami.

Bottom line - what are may chances for breaking into BB in NY? or a small hedge fund?
Here is my resume:
Yes I have pretty solid experience and I read a lot and am very knowledgeable of the markets, analysis, psychology, asset classes, manager styles, etc. BUT I come from a no name school and two no name firms - when it comes to the Street....

I cannot break into NY unless I hit the job search from an angle other than applying, I need to create an opportunity, hit up bars in the financial district or find a banker's lost cell phone....please send resume feedback and advice for job sourcing - I am moving to NY on Sunday, January 9th.


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Dec 17, 2010

have you considered getting an mba? that would open many more doors into wallstreet

Dec 17, 2010

If you already have 3 years experience as an analyst and want to get into a bulge bracket you need an MBA from a top tier business school.

At these banks they typically kick you out after you have completed 2 or 3 years of their analyst programs so you can go get your MBA.

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Dec 17, 2010

im still in undergrad but i've read multiple times an objective isnt needed

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Dec 17, 2010

I have sort of similar situation coming from a small non target school, and trying to break into IB or IM . I am currently working for a reputable consulting firm. What would you say are my chances of getting into IB, HF or similar firms

I was also considering to look into boutiques firms. i have already completed my MBA (non Target).

would i have a better shot at BB or boutiques?

Dec 17, 2010

MBA for sure. Good luck.


Dec 18, 2010

Let the truth be told - I do not want to go to B-SCHOOL until maybe another 3-5 years from now.

Do I need to reduce the experience number on my resume from three years to two? or remove it all together?

Any advice on breaking into a entry-level analyst role at BB or hedge fund?

Dec 18, 2010

How do you reduce your experience on your resume?? Are you just going to delete sections and lie about what you were doing during that time period? You would be hard pressed to find a bank that would bring you in at an entry level analyst position.


Dec 18, 2010

I would not lie about it or remove sections of my resume, I would simply remove my objective that says "three years of experience". That three years of experience includes my college experience of working in a real estate unit at university - so if that 33% difference from 3 to 2 years changes a firms mind from, "this guy has 3 years, he needs an MBA" to "we can put him here", I can emphasize the fact that I only have two years out of school experience.

I understand that I am in the three sigma territory of wall street analyst credentials, so I plan on getting pretty aggressive with the search - heading down to pearl street bars several days a week, networking aggressively to organize lunch and coffee meetings, extracurriculars. I need to "creatively" create a situation where someone on the street owes me a favor - where I am not simply in the HR system or sending an e-mail app. with the herd. That is what I am looking for in terms of feedback...

Dec 19, 2010

You could hire some actors to jump someone who works in IB. Just as they are about to beat him senseless and steal his wallet, you could come over and scare them would be assailants off. Bam, you're a hero and the guy owes you something. Have him submit your resume to HR and you may be on your way.

I know you don't want to hear it, but an MBA is your best way. Or maybe just a 1 year Masters of management or something of the sort.

Do people still use 'objective' lines on resumes?


Dec 19, 2010