Anyone know anything about Bluefin Trading?

I couldn't find anything meaningful on google. Is Bluefin Trading a reputable place?

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Nov 7, 2008

Yes, I met one of the partners/senior traders who runs one of the groups there. However, the company is a bit like a consortium of independent traders and a feel that a lot depends on who you work for at the company. This partner wrote the book,

Nov 8, 2008


Jun 25, 2009

I'm also curious about this firm and would like to learn more. What sorts of strategies do they employ?

Apr 22, 2013


Jun 15, 2013

They are a hodge podge of former traders, mostly from the sell side and take more of a market maker approach to making money. Lots of types if products and more of an independent type of philosophy.

I know one of the partners... He used to be the head of equities at a BB shop and recruited me there out of undergrads... Some really smart successful people there, but it's probably a place more suited for someone who has a track record and wants more of their PnL. They may or may not be willing to really teach young guys.

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Jun 17, 2013

My friend got an interview through applying online and it seemed pretty basic... simple coin-flip type brainteasers, quote S&P, etc. He attends a non-target and would have been straight out of undergrad, leading me to believe that they are willing to hire undergraduates.

Jun 18, 2013


Jun 18, 2013


Jun 18, 2013

The author of this book trades there:
Seems legit.

Jun 18, 2013


Jun 18, 2013