Breaking Into Wall Street - Graduated from Rutgers college

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I graduated from Rutgers College in 2006 with a BA in Economics, and have owned my own business since 2009. I recently decided that I would like a career change, and want to make it into the financial world. Ive never worked in finance (or anything related to it), so I am looking for some direction as to where would be a good place to start. My ideal job would be a trading position, but I realize that it is not where most people start (I am also quite aware of the current state of the industry). Since I have no working experience in the field, I would love to get into a position with a good training program. I am pursuing this career change strictly out of passion, so quite frankly I don't care about starting salaries, I would even be willing to start with an unpaid internship position if it got my foot in the door. I would like to add that despite my lack of work experience in the field, I do have a strong knowledge of the market, and a strong understanding of Economics. I would really appreciate any input!

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Jan 6, 2013


Jan 6, 2013

I am not opposed to getting an MBA, or a CFA for that matter... Just was hoping to break in sooner rather than later, and waiting to get an MBA would definitely slow me down a bit... Any order ideas? Like I said, I don't mind starting lower down the trough.

Jan 6, 2013

I have also been reading up on forex jobs, and it seems like it may be a bit easier to get an entry level job with an NYC forex firm... Is this a decent way to get a foot in the door? Or is this type of experience typically not looked at in a very positive fashion?

Jan 6, 2013

You mean Rutgers University? While I'm not saying it is impossible it is pretty damn close to it. You are so far removed from college the only way to get in the game now is an MBA...not a CFA that really won't help here. There is just so many kids trying to break in that they would have no reason to give you a job or even an unpaid internship (taken up by hungry college kids) unless you have a strong (ie family member) high up in a firm.

Jan 6, 2013

Up until very recently, Rutgers University was split into several different schools... While it is Rutgers University today, it was previously split into a few different schools... Would it make any sense to speak with a head hunter? Also, what about jobs that may not be directly in finance but may be a stepping stone to it? I have thought of getting my MBA, how much do you think it would improve my chances? Is there a clearer path for someone with an MBA but no industry experience?

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Jan 6, 2013

And on that note, am i better off with an MBA or with a Masters in Economics

Jan 7, 2013

I am almost in the same case as you... I worked before with investments.... but nowadays I am in Ireland... I was trying to come back to game, but nothing good yet... I am thinking in MBA or MASTER... and where to do it.... I will keep my eyes in your post... good luck

Jan 16, 2013


Jan 20, 2013