Rensselaer's Lally School of Management & Technology offers a unique plan of study for our Bachelor of Science in Management program. The program features a rich and exceptional learning experience balancing an integrated combination of core courses in management, technology, and the humanities. Our driving goal is to effectively help students to:
Prepare for professional careers in technology-driven organizations
Develop analytical, information technology, and management systems skills
Adapt to the rapid changes driving our technology-based, global economy
Demonstrate sound understanding of core management practices
Gain additional business knowledge in a specialized functional area
Apply management knowledge and creativity in solving business problems
Adopt the highest standards of ethics in personal and business affairs
For more visit - http://www.lallyschool.rpi.edu

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Has to be a top notch clown college to hire a legion of low life spammers to promote the program.


This shows that Lally is pro-technology!

Where are the spambatters when needed...



lol, but they aren't environmentally friendly- they waste tons of paper

i kept receiving "personal" letters from the lally school of business head of admissions begging me to apply- even after the application deadline had passed they gave me an exclusive, top secret deadline extension.

to be honest, the school acts more like a publisher's clearinghouse scam than anything, they should be ashamed.

i finally told their admissions to go fuck themselves.

i can't imagine what a crap school like lally was thinking, spamming an elitist website like WSO with their propaganda. it's gonna backfire bad lol.


Their website doesen't look bad...

I thought they would have a webpage made by some teenager and the school would be located on Ukraine...


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