Canadian Student, advice appreciated!

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I go to a Canadian University, UBC. One of the big 3 universities in Canada along with McGill and UToronto. 4.0 GPA, economics degree, probably a minor in business.

I want to have the air cleared on a few things:

1) Breaking into finance: the idea of not getting a graduate degree is so strange to me, and I feel wary about getting a job straight out of undergrad in business. With an Econ degree and being from Canada, will I even have the option of getting job offers at US IB firms?

2) JD or MBA: I don't know what to do. The money doesn't matter (I understand that the difference between making 250 grand and 500 grand or 5 mil and 100 mil is insignificant to me... as long as I can live comfortably)... What matters is my life, having the ability to be a high earner but also have time to stay in shape and have a family... Not wanting to snort coke and attempt suicide... You know, normal stuff..

3) I am risk averse, but I feel I would be better in business than law. I am great with numbers and mathematical models, but again, business seems riskier.