Can't choose - LSE or Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)

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I want to work in FO IB or S&T in London once I graduate. I have about a month to decide which program to pursue :
- LSE MSc in Finance
- SSE in MSc Business and Economics (Finance)
I'd love to spend two years in Stockholm, but I'm also attracted to the program and brand name at LSE.

1) Is anyone familiar with life in Sweden? How's life in general? How's the party scene?
2) How well does SSE place in London FO?
3) What would you choose?


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Aug 2, 2010

LSE ftw! LSE is at the top or near the top when it comes to IB recruiting in the UK...

Aug 3, 2010

i studied abroad for a year in Scandinavia and spent a bunch of weekends in Stockholm.......prob. one of the most underrated cities to go to. The partying is crazy and the girls are the hottest i've ever seen hands down. The one downside is the winters are pretty brutal, gets dark around 3.

Aug 3, 2010

if you don't have any relevant internship experience, do SSE- this way you can get a summer internship the first year and a FT gig the second

if you already have an internship under your belt, do LSE

Aug 3, 2010

LSE kinda is a household name when it comes to IB recruiting. then again SSE is a great school too. i'd still go with LSE. maybe the internship question raised by the previous poster could be a factor but in general, LSE is the much stronger name to get a job in banking in london.

Aug 4, 2010

LSE is an internationally marketable name. I think the only non-US schools that approach LSE's name brand are Oxford, Cambridge, IIT, and maybe Technische Universitat Munchen (Munich) (To the business majors out there, IIT and TUM get it for engineering).

Stockholm might be a great school, but if you ever want to work in NYC or in Hong Kong, LSE's just got better name recognition.

Aug 3, 2010

if you don't have prior relevant internship experience, it doesn't matter where you go, even LSE- you will have a hard time getting top banking jobs (I'm talking about FT offers, you might be able to get an extended internship that could turn into a FT offer)

Aug 3, 2010

I don't have a FO IB internship, but I do have a corporate finance one at a big corporation. I don't know if that is good enough. However, I've spoken to some students who were doing MSc Finance at LSE this year and some of them landed FT offers with DB, GS and the like with de facto ZERO experience.

Aug 3, 2010

My opinion, go to LSE. I am sure both programs will place well in Europe, but if you want to come back to the states then LSE will be much more well known then SSE.

I would also not focus on partying. A grad level degree in finance is no cake walk.

Aug 3, 2010

Thanks for the opinons, everyone. I'm leaning towards LSE as well. Does anyone know if banks (maybe, at least some) will consider me for summer internships after the MSc in case I don't secure a FT offer?

Aug 3, 2010

i know of people getting internships after a 1 one year program, not sure how it works though as it wouldn't be a regular summer internship b/c you aren't going back to school afterward. it might be an extended off-cycle internship.

as for the comments about coming back to the USA to work- I wouldn't count on finding a job in the USA through either program. If you are going to school in Europe you are almost certainly going to be working in Europe. Of course, you can transfer back to the USA after a year or two with your new company (GS London office to NYC office) but you won't be starting in the USA.

Aug 3, 2010

age of consent in sweden is 15

just sayin'

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Aug 4, 2010

I'd be indifferent between those options unless I had a strong preference to get it done in 1 yr (LSE) vs 2 yrs at SSE. I'm know expert, but my impression is that both options pretty much guarantees FT offer for top level candidats. SSE is also a small private school with corporate sponsors such as MS and GS (check their website)

Aug 4, 2010

Wouldn't it be possible to go to LSE and take a term at SSE? That way you get the internships, networks, etc. but also get a bit of "international" experience by going to Stockholm for a term? I know Wharton, Columbia and Harvard offer similar opportunities for students...

Aug 4, 2010

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