Chances for 2+2 and Stanford GSB deferred

I am a 20-year old white male

GPA: 3.7
GMAT: 720 (projected)

I just finished sophomore year and I am majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Physics at a Big 10 University (not Michigan or Northwestern)

I spent last summer working as a researcher in a physics lab doing work in lasers and nuclear fusion

I will spend this summer doing research in data mining and parallel processing at a prestigious university in Germany on a scholarship.

I consult for nonprofits as a member of a student group.

I was invited to be an alternative energy spokesperson for the Obama campaign at a (small) press conference.

I have a hearing loss in both ears, however I am fully mainstreamed. In fact, most people do not notice my hearing loss when I first meet them.

I founded a computer science outreach camp for middle school girls.

I have interest from a large, reputable tech firm (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple) as a software engineering internship next summer and I am strongly considering taking a semester off to get more work experience. (Taking a semester off would give me two more internships before I apply, the semester and another summer)

Prior to getting my MBA, I want to work in software engineering for several years. After getting my MBA, I want to become a product manager and eventually become an executive with a large tech firm. I aspire to a Sheryl Sandberg-like position, where I am an executive at a major firm while also working to alleviate a significant problem in society (most likely women in CS or access to CS education for American students, hopefully those won't still be issues by then!)

Any chances for HBS 2+2 and Stanford GSB deferred.would be greatly appreciated.

Also, should I take the semester off?

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May 8, 2013 - 8:10am


Your GPA, GMAT and undergraduate school prestige suck. Your essays will make or break your application.

Ignore this dweeb.

Your profile fits the bill of who they're looking for. The glaring issue with your "story" is you say what you want to do and don't say why. Talk about why you want to go into tech, what changes you'd be able to bring to the field, and how your background and a future MBA enable you to execute that vision.


May 8, 2013 - 11:06am

Yeah, crucifix is talking out of his ass. You definitely are not guaranteed entry into those schools, but your stats certainly don't suck. You have a decent chance. Your interview, essays and recommendations will be important; however these are all underlying pillars on which you will build your "story" as LTV mentioned.

Additionally, I think you will need more work experience than just two internships. Keep interning, but keep that in mind.

May 8, 2013 - 11:25am

Your stats are good, but your career ideals are not. Revealing (of course I assume you are smart enough not to say that) through your essays that you aspire to a "Sheryl Sandberg-like position" would be a killer.

Don't take a semester off. Apple and those companies will help. Focus on the non-profit stuff... can you do anything else for them? Like improving their business model, do an "app" for them (for whatever they do); that would be a great selling point.

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