Citi Tech - Weakest Group in SF

Recently left this group it was nothing like what I was promised and experienced during my summer.

1) Too many egos without merit; chill out dude you're going to a fund with $5 Billion in AUM.

2) Haven't closed any deals since the rainmakers left to Everecore even heard one more senior banker left to join the winning team.

3) All they do is pitch and never win any mandates.

4) Exit Opps suck because you don't do any modeling just stock charts and "BS"analysis

My friend is at Jefferies SF they have awesome placement, MDs that can make calls to help you place and actually do deals. Think twice before joining this group because in my book it's not a BB.

End of Rant.

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Mar 31, 2019

cool story

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Mar 31, 2019

But true

Mar 31, 2019

I've heard some pretty shitty things about Citi SF as well...

Apr 4, 2019

I agree with all of these points.

Apr 4, 2019


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Apr 4, 2019


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Apr 4, 2019

Not sure how this isn't helpful. Reasons why I agree are below:
1. i agree with the first part. don't know what he's talking about on the second.

  1. yes this is true
  2. yes this is true
  3. actually i don't agree with this point.
Apr 5, 2019

Can confirm Jefferies has amazing deal flows

Apr 5, 2019

these 8 / 9x buyout trades aren't going to lever themselves. god bless jefferies

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Jun 17, 2019

I heard Citi Tech went on a hiring spree of a bunch of MDs, personally never experienced the group so not sure what it's like, but I would also probably take everything on this forum with a grain of salt...

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Jun 24, 2019

My MD just left to go to Citi tech.. this forum is a bunch of Jefferies kids who hate their lives in MM

Jun 24, 2019

This was relatively true in recent years (to other SF groups), but the IB heads took note and did what every investment bank does when a group is weak. As mentioned above, MD's were poached and the global tech head sits in the SF office. Granted, it'll take a few deals and some time for PE firms to notice and the ball certainly needs to get rolling, but the experience as a junior will still be a solid learning opportunities, especially given that M&A is done in house. The OP certainly isn't a good indicator of the culture and I suggest anyone who is interested in SF tech groups do their due diligence on each bank instead of relying on posts such as these.


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Oct 12, 2019