Decision Time: Buy Side (Fixed Income) vs. Sell Side

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4 years of experience (1 Commercial Banking, 3 ER), facing decision:

A. Remain Sell Side Equity at Current Shop ($185k, remain pigeon holed)
B. Fixed Income Analyst at Major Insurance Co ($160k, better hours, broader exits potentially)

Thoughts? All appreciated.

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Jan 8, 2018

Sell side ER getting slammed by regulation, stock pickers being crowded out by ETFs, buyside generally has better compensation upside than sell side... I'd take the buy side opportunity and run. I don't really see any advantages to staying on the sell side other than immediate comp or waiting to get on the buyside in equities, even then Fixed Income is more stable as passives aren't destroying their business.

p.s. Insurance companies are also very stable jobs that rarely have turnover, so there's that as well. Although comp upside would be better at a traditional buyside fund (mutual, hedge, etc.). Of course you can make that exit from the insurance job.

Jan 9, 2018

Would add that the buy-side insurance opportunity is investing in a broader, more global industry. Would be more inclined to seek out long only or private equity jobs in that space rather than the current industry I cover.

Really, biggest negative is immediate comp, and of course, any new job is an unknown vs. very comfortable current position.

Appreciate everyone's thoughts.

Jan 9, 2018