Delayed written offer - any concern?

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I was contacted by an internal recruiter at a large bank and ended up interviewing for a role at that bank two weeks ago. Later that day the recruiter contacted me indicating that management had good feedback and wanted to move forward with me. They would have to confirm prior comp details and then they could make an offer. After about a week of going through comp verification, the recruiter called and said they had received verbal authorization to make me an offer. The offer was exactly what I wanted so I verbally accepted. The recruiter told me it would be 24-48 hrs to receive a written offer and move forward with the next steps (i.e. bg check, etc).

That was last Wednesday. Thursday and Friday came and went with nothing. Monday I called up to check on the status and they told me they were just awaiting "final approval" (same thing they told me Friday) and it should be just another 24-48 hours. Now it's the next Wednesday and they are still awaiting "final approval".

Is this common? In my prior experience with similarly-sized financial institutions, I've received written offers as soon as 1 hour after verbally accepting. I'm beginning to worry that this is somehow going to fall through and I'm screwed as I've passed on other offers in favor of this one.

If it matters, it's a back office role; so it's really not some complicated offer. Just a base salary, small bonus pool, and whatever benefits.

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Mar 15, 2017

"Final Approval" typically means getting the right people to sign off on the actual documentation needed. This is spring break period for lots of people. They're probably just having a hard time getting the necessary person(s) to sign when they're on vacation.

If they're the kind of people who would reneg on the offer after indicating verbally that you had it, you don't want to be working with them anyway.

Mar 15, 2017


Mar 15, 2017

My interviewer at a BB called me and said that they are making me an offer on Monday, I called them back a few hours later and told them I was accepting it (I also asked when would I receive my offer letter and the terms and conditions -- they told me to email them back and they "will" send it to me, so I did.)

I still haven't received my offer letter -- do you think it is okay to send them another email asking them about my offer letter, or will I come off as annoying?

I need to get the offer ASAP because I have some other offers I need to get back to immediately and I don't feel comfortable rejecting the other offers without a black and white offer letter from this BB in front of me.

Any advice is appreciated.

FYI: This is for an internship.

This is more of an HR thing. Once you get the verbal offer, HR will send you the black and white offer letter. So I guess you can email or give one of the analysts or someone you felt comfortable with in the interview and tell them your situation.

how long has it been since they said they will email you the offer letter?

Mar 15, 2017

It's been about 3 days, but I really need the letter ASAP as I have to get back on my other offers soon (or they will be rescinded)

Mar 15, 2017

if its been 3 days definitely contact one of the people (probably one of the analysts) about this. This is probably HR forgetting or being slow ahaha.. this is very very late in the process. hope you dont mind me asking but is this for IBD BB?

Mar 15, 2017

I had a similar issue for my MM ER offer. I had the verbal offer first, and after about 4 days with no written confirmation I started to get paranoid about it and e-mailed him back about it, so he had the Director of Research e-mail me a confirmation. I didn't actually sign anything that specifically said I accepted the offer until my first day.

Mar 15, 2017