Disney Corporate Strategy vs. McK/BCG/Bain

I'm new to this forum (in the posting sense - been reading it for a while), and was hoping I could get some advice. I have a friend that just got a job at Disney's Corp Strategy group and seems pretty excited about it. I have been pretty interested in Technology and Media myself for a while, but was planning on originally entering consulting to figure out what I wanted to do (I'm currently a junior thinking about career opportunities for next year). The disney job seems pretty exclusive and do some interesting work (Strategy & M&A work in Media). I wanted to see if you guys knew anything about the opportunity and how it stacks up against other opportunities in the consulting space such as McK/BCG/Bain. I'm not interested in doing banking because I don't want to do pure finance and am also not interested in working over 80 hours a week. Your opinions would be great, thanks.