Equity Research Exit Opps in LA

Hey everyone,
I am an equity research associate based in LA and looking at exit opps that are also in LA (very important for me to stay here). One of the more well respected shops in LA (not that there really are that many), and looking to do a transition to the buyside. I did investment banking in nyc at a bulge bracket before this for a little over a year and came from a semi-target undergrad b-school (think UMich, Northwestern, Berkeley, NYU, Duke). I like ER much more than IB, and want my next position to be similar in the sense that it is a markets based role therefore I am looking at buy side research gigs and not really considering PE. I would love to get into a HF, but I know they are scarce here in LA and I have pretty much nuked my chances coming from ER after IB. It looks like there are some mutual funds/Asset Management shops out here that seem to have the most going on in terms of positions for people with my background. Can anyone confirm this or recommend some of the more reputable shops to be looking into? Anyone have any info on culture or comp at some of these places? I don't really have any contacts out here that can help me out, so I am going for a hail mary here. Am I overlooking anything?

Thanks in advance.