ER Resume Critique coming from big 4

This is for what seems to be an entry level ER job for a large east coast endowment (it's associate level but asks for 2 years of analytic work experience, so I'm saying that I've got that). I have 1 year experience big 4 but do have my CPA - very rare among new associates. I have enough content to have a solid 2 page resume, but this is the most relevant experience that I have (I also am a contributor, but didn't know where/if I should put that).

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Jul 17, 2013

I don't like that your education is centred.

I would remove the linkedin link.

I would prefer if you would write the company's name that you worked with in bold and your job title in cursive.

There is a spacing problem (your last point of your last work ex)

You might want to consider including any languages you speak/skills/interests.

Jul 17, 2013

Why mention LinkedIn (no point in that information), add interests and skills.

I think duties and stuff should be in past tense.

You should also standardise your job descriptions: say, position title, then department, you have it differently for different positions. Bold company name and cursive job title is also advisable.

It does not say when you graduated.

You should add seeking alpha to the last section.

Jul 17, 2013

I have enough content to have a solid 2 page resume

No you don't especially if you're including a student investment class as your only other job. Honestly, you barely have enough for a 1 page resume.

Jul 17, 2013