EY FSO TAP NYC vs OW generalist Singapore

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Hi guys. Senior at target school just finished recruiting and have to respond to offers in a week. Would love to hear thoughts as I evaluate the two offers I have on the table.

EY FSO TAP based in NYC: 75k base, no bonus, standard benefits. I interned there the past summer so know a fair amount of people, got coffee with ~40 partners across different verticals (+ am on fairly good terms with a partner from my school and will almost definitely be in his team doing analytics work). Expected hours are 40-55/week typically with little to no travel.

OW consultant based in Singapore: 85k SGD, bonuses 'determined by company', no benefits (after researching COL etc, I'm fairly confident I'll be saving much more than in NYC). Standard management consulting work spread between Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore. My understanding is that the main industries there are primarily FS with some Oil & Gas and Telecom work. Hours are brutal and there's a facetime culture.

Would appreciate any advice regarding factors I should be considering when deciding between these two. On the one hand, I don't really know a lot about Singapore but on the other, I'm worried about the long-term consequences of starting my career in SG instead of the US. Lastly, I'm also an international student so once I leave the US, it will probably be pretty hard to come back (except perhaps for an MBA but OW prefers employees stay instead of leave for an MBA and don't sponsor as far as I'm aware).

Would appreciate any thoughts you guys have. Cheers!

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Oct 19, 2018

This is a tough decision. How badly do you want to stay in the US? OW is the better job, it pays more, and Singapore is a great city, but if you want to stay here I completely get taking EY despite all of that.

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Oct 23, 2018

I agree, staying in the US is a big perk of the EY job. What I'm having trouble with is pinning down exactly what it is about staying in the US that is useful down the line in my career (which I'll miss out on by going to Singapore). Thoughts?

Oct 25, 2018

Hi, may I ask when did you interview for TAP and when did you hear back from them, please?

Oct 28, 2018