EY-Parthenon & Visa Rotational Program Offers (Full-time Undergrad)

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Hi All,

I am currently a senior deciding on my first full-time job. I received offers from both Parthenon and Visa's New Grad Development Program and am having trouble deciding. I have done a consulting internship the previous summer, so I know what I would be getting into, but the thought of trying more new roles within a large company in a cool interesting is also appealing. Some more details below:

**Parthenon (Chicago): **


From what I know, the work will def be very interesting to me (DDs, market research, growth strategy)
Pays ~10k higher, which goes a LONG way with Chigaco's lower cost of living
Low Travel -- can't do the whole M-Th thing

Longer hours (upwards to 70 a week I believe)
Not being in SF, which is my dream city, with friends

Visa (San Francisco)

4 rotations spanning all kinds of business teams (strategy, marketing, product, etc.)
Most of my good friends are taking full-time offers in SF -- weather/food/culture also better in SF IMO
No Travel and possibility to go international (Asia, AU/NZ, etc.) for a rotation
Lower Hours (closer to 9-5)

Lower pay in a city with way higher cost of living (this is what I fear the most -- also getting overshadowed by tech?)
Maybe more limited exit opportunities if I decide to not grow my career in the company/industry? Idk

I'm also waiting to hear back from Google's APMM program, but since that is def a long shot, I want to decide sooner rather than later. For the longer term, I am looking to be in a more analytical/product-based role at a tech company or startup and am considering an MBA or advanced Data Science degree. Thanks so much!

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Nov 24, 2018

I just made a similar choice between financial services rotational program and PE-focused T2 strategy consulting. I chose consulting, but also have a few friends who made the opposite choice. No wrong answer, I think, but totally depends on what you want to do.

I think you've pointed out the right axes on which to make this decision. Parthenon hours are rough, due to the two-case staffing model. I'm not sure if all your assumptions are correct, though.

First, the Visa role is in Foster City, not SF proper. While you might think this is no big deal, it's 23 miles from SF and almost 30 miles from San Jose. When you want to see a concert/go to a baseball game/go clubbing, it'll be a huge pain in the ass to return from SF to Foster City on the Bay's shitty public transit. Also, I doubt that Visa offers substantially more international opportunity when compared to Parthenon, especially if you do well at either place (word of warning: I don't work for either of these places, so take that with a grain of salt).

When I made my decision, I prioritized exit opportunities, MBA sponsorship, and forming a tight-knit bond with my start class. These factors pointed me towards consulting. My friends who prioritized true high-level analytical rigor (i.e. more than SQL and Excel), work-life balance, and a rotational program structure made the opposite choice. Again, no wrong choice, but I'd lean Parthenon here.

Feel free to PM me to talk more -- I have a feeling we go to the same school (target in the Midwest)?

Nov 24, 2018

Parthenon easily

Nov 25, 2018

If you want to be in tech/ product based role for the longterm.... Visa seems like the option for me. One of the top financial services/fin tech companies in the space with a strong emphasis on technology, all while being located in the valley. I know some people who have done the program and they get really interesting rotations such as strategy, product management, and other interesting growth initiatives. Rotational programs are also a sneakily solid entry point to an M7 mba if that's in your horizon down the road.

Nov 25, 2018

without a doubt parthenon

id think about it like, you could always go from parthenon -> visa, but the other way around is very unlikely without business school

however, if you dont want to travel, that could def change things

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Nov 25, 2018