FYI: Brooks Brothers Winter Sale

For those of you that are looking to expand your wardrobe, you should be aware that Brooks Brothers is currently running their winter sale. I just received some pants I ordered - they are of amazing quality and 60% off! Insanely cheap and more than acceptable for the office.

I remember being pretty broke in college but even then I could afford pants at 60% off. So, all of you interns wondering what to wear this summer, get over to that sale and raise your clothes game. 

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Jan 9, 2021 - 2:35pm

Brooks Brothers is not what it used to be. Quality has gone down immensely and they are riding on brand name alone. Through a quick google search you can see how they used to create quality made in the USA and now are making cheap garbage overseas. Also they went bankrupt because their loyal clientele has seen a huge dropoff in quality. Not to mention they're running a fire sale 24/7. They mark up cheap clothes just to mark them back down

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Jan 9, 2021 - 4:14pm

I think it is hard for you to wrong with just about all the selections on the Brooks Brothers site. A white shirt with a Brooks Brothers tie will make anyone look good and pants should be of your classic gray, navy, khaki variety. Don't overthink it - clothes from places like Brooks Brothers will speak for you in their cut and classic men's style. Personally, I have dozens of their ties and and overcoat that I love; I used this sale to add to my pants from their "stretch chinos" collection. 

Jan 9, 2021 - 10:09pm

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