What Does It Take to Get a Job at McKinsey?

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McKinsey is interviewing at my school, and I was hoping to get a feel for my shot at an interview. I've previously gotten first rounds w/ Bain and BCG, but I hear McKinsey is more selective than even them.

I was a summer analyst at MS, and I did get an offer. I've got a 3.6 and solid, but not spectacular, ECs at a semi-target. I've also got the diversity thing going, if that matters at all. I'm fairly certain that I can destroy the case; I just need the opportunity.

Given that McKinsey has like a 3.7-3.8 gpa cutoff, should I expect to still get on the closed list, or should I just forget McKinsey? Sweet, thanks guys.

Harder to Get a McKinsey Interview vs. Bain and BCG?

Our users shared mixed opinions about whether it is harder to get an interview with McKinsey than it is to get an interview with Bain and BCG.


If you can get interviews with BCG and Bain, you have a high, high probability of getting a McK interview--it's not as if each company is looking for a different skill set. The diversity thing does help. How many non-Asian minorities do you see at MBB events? Very few. Probably 1 out of every 50 people.

The GPA cutoff is just BS. None of the firms you mention has a strict GPA cutoff. It just so happens that grades and test scores are valued by MBB more highly than they are by banks. But so what? That doesn't mean that if you don't have a 3.7 you won't get an interview.


The cutoff is just listed there; it really means nothing. I know many with 3.3s who interviewed with McKinsey. Honestly, there is too much misinformation out there, and people tend to believe "cutoffs" too easily. I have personally reviewed resumes, where 3.75 was the cutoff, but I would let the guy/girl through cause he had good experience. It's just the way it happens; always assume there is no GPA cutoff: if you do, how can it hurt you?

However, some users such as @ihavenomoneynow shared that they got Bain and BGC but did not get McKinsey interviews:


I will chime in. Got both Bain and BCG first rounds on campus. Did not get a McKinsey first round, despite top internship experience and 3.9+. Ironically enough I was one of the kids invited to apply early to McKinsey (interview date of sept. 5), but chose to forgo it for more preparation time.

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