Goldman Sachs GIR Business Analyst = Equity Research?

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has any information about GS' business analyst role which is under the Global Investment Research group?

Is this role equivalent to an equity research role?

Does anyone know about the job environment, salary, work hours, daily tasks, etc. about this role?


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Jun 14, 2015

Yes, GIR at GS is equivalent to ER at any other BB.

You can find answers to your other questions if you just look up what threads about equity research. In terms of the work itself, it's not quite S&T and it's definitely not IB. As the name implies, it's research into buy/sell opportunities for stocks and bonds. Job environment would depend on the location (ex: SLC, SF, NYC) as well as the industry you're covering. Most equity research guys hope to exit over to HFs.

Hope this helps.

Jun 16, 2015

Thanks for the reply! Since I am very interested in learning more about valuation/financial modeling in real practice, do you happen to know how much of modeling/valuation work is performed on a daily basis in ER as compared to IB?

Jun 16, 2015

Short answer - basically, yes.

Here's the breakdown:

Jun 16, 2015