Got a great offer, should I keep interviewing with other firms?

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Hey guys,
After months of prepping and interviewing I finally got an offer I really wanted (shoutout to WSO for the guidance). It's a SA position at my favorite EB and I am really looking forward to starting this upcoming summer.
I will be accepting the offer over the weekend, but at the same time I am still receiving invitations for interviews at other banks/PE firms.

What should I do?
I could either straight up tell the recruiters I have already accepted an offer and will gladly apply again at their firm for full-time positions next year, or just go along with it, gain some contacts and get traction with other firms in case I don't get a full-time offer from my SA gig.
Any advice from my fellow monkeys would be great, thanks in advance.


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Dec 11, 2015

I think it's your responsibility to inform all other firms that you have received an offer. And yeah, put it like you how said that you were thinking of.

From what I know, for places with smaller intake, when they decide among a candidate, and that candidate refuses, sometimes they don't have a waitlist to choose from. They just won't have any interns that year, or they'll have 1 less. And then when they ask you why you declined even though you seemed so exuberant, how awkward would it be to say that you had actually accepted an offer already? Slap in the face.

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Dec 11, 2015

Don't mislead the other firms, even though you might gain some new connections, it'll look very poorly on you if they find out that you accepted another offer and still interviewed with them. You can always network while you're working at that EB, so you won't be missing out on anything if you stopped interviewing now. And congrats, by the way!

Dec 11, 2015

He hasn't accepted the offer yet, so there's nothing wrong with interviewing around. That being said, if he's dead set on accepting it, he's just wasting time by doing that.

Dec 12, 2015

Do not continue to interview after accepting an offer somewhere. It's okay to interview after receiving an offer, but once you accept one, you need to communicate that to everyone else in your process.

It's fine to stay in touch with everyone elsewhere with emails, phone calls, and coffees. It's nothing but beneficial; down the line you may need or want to switch firms. Being respectful and courteous while interviewing (and also afterwards as you stay in touch) is the best way to get a leg up on that. It would be disrespectful and discourteous both to the firm you accepted an offer at and the ones you interview at while already being committed to another if you did what you're thinking of.

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Dec 12, 2015

you will be banned from ocr

Dec 12, 2015

All employment is "at will" in the US. This just means they can lay you off at any time for no reason and you can quit at any time for no reason. You will be reneging and will burn a bridge with that company and if they report to your career center (they almost certainly will since you got it through OCR) they will suspend/ban OCR if that's your career center's policy.

Dec 12, 2015

If you go to BB you will be banned from OCR most probably but I would do it anyway!

Dec 12, 2015

I don't see a problem with interviewing with the BB, just don't tell them you already accepted an offer somewhere else. You haven't even gotten an offer from the BB though, so focus on that if the BB is where you want to be. If you "quit" the non-banking firm after getting an offer from the BB you'll be banned from OCR most likely.

Dec 12, 2015