Yes I know that everything else (e.g. marks, extracurricular, etc) matters. But keeping everything else constant, would this experience be just as beneficial/valuable as a typical front-office internship?

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anyone have any insight?

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if you're already there why does it matter? if the answer's no are you going to quit your internship or not apply for future bb internships? if the answer's yes are you going to have an orgasm all over yourself?

the short answer is i doubt it'll hurt anyways, and if this isn't your junior summer it'll probably help a good deal. orgasm away...


it does make a difference, because it gives me a sense of direction and selfawareness of my position in the industry at the moment


two were interns who got jobs at investment banks
one was an analyst who got a corporate development job
one was an associate who went to go do something entirely different

in these economic times i would think it to be one of the better "wait and see" type jobs out there

consulting is generally pretty highly thought of by ibanks and the like, also by b-schools

despite the two people i know who went to ibanks, i would still think it better preparation and more related to investment management jobs


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