London People: Opinion on the “level” of Associates at UK Market Regulators?

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Always wanted to be an econometrician at a market regulator.
Love complex Matlab/Stata Economics Models and Data Mining.

Went to an Assessment Center at the Bank of England.

Candidate #1: I've worked as a Customer Service Specialist at a regional commercial bank branch, sure I have a lot of experience to be a Data Analyst at the Central Bank. Central Bank is like a usual Commercial Bank, right?

Candidate #2: I am here to earn big bonuses, bankers are earning huge bonuses and Central bankers, I am sure, are earning even more...

Me in a group exercise: Cash is expensive, let's abolish it (R&D anti-fraud costs, distribution channels costs, printing/minting costs), anyway it is just 15% of all the money in the circulation...
Teammate #1: But... But Old People?

Me Also: European Economy is likely moving towards negative interest rates
Teammate #2: Pff nonsense!

Me Quoting by heart: Treasury Select Committee, Q1 2017, Andy Haldane: "Yes, I see a trend towards negative interest rates"

Got a call from HR after: You have the strongest motivation and the biggest expertise, but you were bad at teamwork, sorry... (bear in mind, I am one of the best university debaters in the Nordic Europe, Competitive Debating is a quite "team" activity)

Ok, maybe I am too egocentric.
Applied to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Today saw a post from the thestudentroom forum:
"Passed through the phone interview at FCA, such a fascinating private company to work at! Can't wait!"

My Question is:
Do I have a "polarized" opinion/bad luck or does it look like that many entry-position employees/associates at UK Market Regulators are a bit under-educated in terms of the basic understanding of "Economics/Markets"?

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Jun 30, 2018