Mass e-mailing alums asking for internships directly?

I have contact info for hundreds of alums at my school in the financial industry, so there's no way I will be able to do informational interviews/phone calls with all of them.

What do you guys think about just sending tons of e-mails to alums at boutiques and inquiring directly about internship opportunities (rather than the usual, indirect "interested in speaking" method)? Obviously the success rate will be lower than if I built actual connections, but I will be able to reach out to a lot more people. All I am hoping is that they will forward my resume to whoever does recruiting at their firm.

Any thoughts on this?

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Feb 11, 2013

I've never heard of anybody who said that mass emailing helped him land a job

Feb 11, 2013

I usually include a paragraph about why I want to intern at their firm specifically, so that probably doesn't work with a mass email. Sometimes mass emails may seem impersonal, so I'm not sure if it'll help you, unless if your school alumni absolutely love helping students and automatically jump in excitement whenever they hear your school's name.

Feb 11, 2013

Alums know it's recruiting season anyway, will probably bring something up themselves. So just ask to chat about their background and insight; at least try and develop the connection.

For all the firms that don't have your alums, mass resume dropping and e-mailing is worth a shot.

Feb 11, 2013