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Hello! I'm an incoming freshman at Northeastern University and am currently a Business Major with a concentration in finance. My dream job is to work at a hedge fund and want to try to get an IB job out of college. Right now I'm considering adding a double major in math(Northeastern doesn't have a stats major) but am hesitant as I don't know if it will help with recruiting. I genuinely enjoy math as I'm taking calc 3 right now just out of boredom and I believe I'll be able to maintain a good GPA. Other paths that I have considered are minoring in CS or adding a second concentration in FINTECH, but I enjoy math the most. Any input will be great!!! Thank you in advance.

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Jul 11, 2020 - 2:45am

Math is looked on favorably nearly universally, and I would always recommend it to anyone considering it as it truly teaches you how to think. That said, don't be surprised if you start taking Bs when you reach your Analysis, Abstract Álgebra, or PDE courses. Your math major WILL become your main focus in undergrad if you pursue it and intend to actually do well, and you'll likely feel your finance courses are a breeze in comparison.

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  • Intern in HF - RelVal
Jul 11, 2020 - 11:24pm

I strongly recommend studying math, especially if you love thinking analytically and solving problems/puzzles. The beauty of being a math major is that it teaches you how to think, which has ubiquitous effects for all facets of your life. I study both math and finance, and can testify that my math background helped me tremendously throughout the interview process (both because having a high-GPA as a math major is a great indication of intelligence, and the skills you acquire teach you how to solve problems better than most business majors, which can come in very handy in interviews).

  • Intern in HF - RelVal
Jul 12, 2020 - 3:24pm

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