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So I'm a Canadian high school student who just submitted applications to a bunch of top American schools that are target schools. I just want to preface by saying that I'm not some kid gung-ho on IB, I'm not going to choose my school or program based on maximizing my chances at landing some internship and so on. I am really interested in finance though. As much as I don't want my undergrad to be pre-professional, if I don't get in to the States and end up in Canada, I'm probably going to do a B.Com.

I'm pretty much set on McGill if I stay in Canada, with a major in either Mathematics or Finance from Desautels. I was just wondering if anyone knows about the quality of the program and opportunities out of McGill. Would it be hard to get jobs internationally? Is it possible to do S&T with a B.Com if there's a large emphasis on math?

Thanks for the help.

and yeah I know Ivey is the best program etc etc but I really don't want to go to Western.