Name WSO's New Newsletter

Fellow Primates, 

I thought it might be fun to get the communities opinion of what we should call a new free daily newsletter that we plan to launch in the coming months. 

The idea is that it will give the readers a short snapshot of the stock/crypto/alternative investment markets and serve as a fun way to get more knowledgeable on the day to day action. 

It will include sections like "What's Ripe?", "What's Rotten?" "Data Monkey Says..." etc etc.  overall be a really fun way to stay up to date on all the major moves.

In keeping with the WSO Monkey/Banana theme, I figured we could have some fun and the community could maybe help name it....some initial ideas I had:

  1. The Peel

  2. Peel Back

3.  What's Ripe?

4.  Daily K+

5. Monkey Darts

6.  WSO Alpha (premium sub could be WSO Alpha+)

7.  Alpha Bites

  1. ???

Please vote in the comments OR please leave any suggestions you have below.

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May 7, 2021 - 8:44am

Wall Street Jungle, agreed with above poster it's good name. Though might lead to copyright issues so not sure if good to go with from that point of view. May need to consult a copyright lawyer

May 7, 2021 - 9:48am

Interesting initiative. I agree with the other posts where good recommendations were made. I would also like to add if there will be geographical division; like European news, USA news, it would be interesting to name them after the monkey type which solely belongs to that country.

May 7, 2021 - 1:04pm

short snapshot of the stock/crypto/alternative investment markets


"The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money" - Margaret Thatcher
May 7, 2021 - 7:04pm

The Peel - it speaks to the theme well and gives it character. WSO Alpha doesn't mesh well with the theme IMO.

May 10, 2021 - 8:39pm

I personally like The Peel over The Daily Peel, but either one works well for the free newsletter. WSO Alpha is perfect for paid services (could even go for Max's Alpha.)

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