Hi there,

Please review my experience portion. I didn't include any of my activities/leadership because I am still working on it.

First Experience - Non-Profit Org
Second Experience - Gov't
Third Experience - School/Volunteer

I will be applying for my MACC for Fall 2013 so that I may be CPA eligible, but till then I wish to find an internship at a local Public Accounting firm.

www.razume. com/documents/28595

Thank you

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proper link please.

Financial Modeling


sorry bout that, i forgot to mention that the I can't post a full link. There is a space b/w razume. and com


sorry bout that, i forgot to mention that the I can't post a full link. There is a space b/w razume. and com

WSO Resume Review Score*: 7.5 (out of 15 possible)

1. Wording/Bullets: 2
2. Layout/Format: 2.5
3. Overall: 3

* Note: This score is based on a subjective assessment of three different criteria all on a 1 to 5 scale (1 = poor, 2 = below avg, 3 = average, 4 = very good, 5 = excellent) based on my own experience reviewing thousands of resumes in the past and based on the current state of the posted resume.

Some explanation of the grading:

1, Wording/Bullets: This score represents the overall wording of the bullets and content throughout the resume. Are there action words? are the experiences explained clearly? Does the candidate quantify their impact where possible?

2. Layout/Format: This score represents to overall layout and format. Finance professionals are notorious for being anal. Although this score is somewhat subjective, there are certain things we look for including consistency, spacing, clean look, clear sections, proper order, etc.

3. Overall: This score represents the experiences and school of the candidate and is the hardest to change in the short term. Improving the Wording/Bullets and Layout/Format scores can bump this grade up (usually by 1 grade at most), however, this grade depends largely on the School, GPA, Internships, Leadership, Extracurriculars of the applicant, etc.

We are going to try to provide a candid / direct grading system for as many resumes as we can in this Public Resume Review forum, with the hopes that it will lead candidates that need help on #1. and #2 criteria to consider the WSO Resume Review service that has experienced professionals ready to help bring the #1 and #2 score as close to a 4 or 5 as possible. Due to time contraints, I can't provide more detail and I can only provide this grade to each candidate once (if you try to repost and updated version under a different username, i will recognize it and ignore). What I will say is that if you aren't at a 4 or 5 in Wording and Layout, we can probably help you make significant improvments.

Some more guidelines for total overall score:

3 - 6: Needs MAJOR help / improvements in several areas
7 - 8: Has some major flaws but also has some good areas
9 - 11: An average to slightly above average resume that could still use some help but it is on "ok" shape
12 - 13: A competitive resume that should be able to land some competitive interviews
14 - 15: An impressive resume on all or almost all levels. Wording/Bullets/Layout/format and overall experience, grades, school, etc are all excellent or very good.

We suggest if you score in the bottom 3 categories listed above that you strongly consider the WSO Resume Review service. Whatever you decide, best of luck!



For the lazy: http://www.razume.com/documents/28595
Not sure why it won't let you post the proper link...


Anyways, key piece of advice: quantify your achievements. Add specific numbers to give more detail about what you accomplished during your past internships. Right now most bullets sound too vague but adding hard numbers will be a major improvement.


most recruiting has already been wrapped up by now. that being said, you have some good experience, but I agree you should quantify the bullet points and make each one longer (try to have 3 bullet points per experience maximum but each bullet point can be 1.5-2 lines).

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