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My shop has various strategies, including long-only, special sit and L/S, all centered largely around credit. I am a senior analyst who spends my time across strategies. There are paths for me to take on a PM role in the long-only credit or special sit groups, but I view these opportunities to be mutually exclusive. I am interested in the following:
1) Pros and cons of a PM seat of these 2 strategies
2) Comp and comp structure of each seat - salary range, cash bonus, deferred bonus / carry and their quantitative drivers.

Would like to hear from any senior professionals who work at a multi-billion dollar credit-focused shop who may have insight. Thoughts from mrb87, Kenny_Powers_CFA or anyone who may have experience thinking about these decisions would be greatly appreciated!

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Oct 28, 2018 - 7:42pm

MidtownParkAve, have you checked out these or run a search:

  • How is HF portfolio manager compensation structured? Obviously, base plus bonus, but I am looking for the typical structure of pay outs on the bonus ... appropriately. How should I think about structuring the comp? Founder has talked about base + bonus and possibly ... work at my current firm and I know it will be a shitload of effort, so I want to make sure I get paid ...
  • Management Consulting Salary & Compensation, Average Bonus in Consulting @petergibbons, a private equity vice president, with some insight into the bonus structure for management ... with their bonus; an Associate is not going to do that. Partner comp structure is highly variable firm ... management! Consulting Industry report Management Consulting Compensation vs Finance Compensation So how does
  • Compensation Structure at the mid-management level in Corporate Development / Strategy / Finance bonus is based on firm and individual performance. Manager / Sr. Manager level: I believe structure is ... Curious how comp structure looks in Corp Dev / Strat / Fin as you progress through the ranks. ... level: I believe this is the level where the comp structure can start to look a bit different and can ...
  • What I've Learned About Hedge Fund Structure and Compensation the go/no- go Different Fund Structures and Compensation Single Manager Funds Most common type of ... my attempt to distill some of the bigger differences in 'team structure and compensation ... manager as well. Portfolio Manager (PM)- Makes go/no-go decisions on what gets into a portfolio and how ...
  • Where is the compensation in banking? Is it worth taking a pay cut for the long-term prospects? I'm a little confused about compensation potential in IB. I always planned on going into the ... field given how much you learn and the exit ops, but as I research more into the pay I'm starting ... ($1-3B AUM) right out of college in a very low cost of living city (Midwest). I've determined pay ...
  • Bonus structure at small hedge fund (am I being played?) manages around $60- 120 million dollars and primarily does volatility arbitrage on equity options. I hope ... a $35k base + a discretionary bonus. If I would take this offer, I'd pretty much be living in ... poverty until a bonus materializes. Is this firm just trying to get cheap labor and fuck me over when it ...
  • Top Hedge Funds: Analyst Compensation 108.9k Average bonus: 22.0k Total average compensation: 130.9k A.Q.R. Capital Management Analyst Salary ... Analyst Pay Total average compensation for hedge fund analyst's is 152k. The average base being 98k ... and the average bonus being 54k. Analyst Compensation at Top Hedge Funds Let's take a look at ...
  • 2015-2016 salary & bonus discussion the following format: JPM, S&T, A0, 150k base, 175k bonus (75% cash, 25% stock) investment banking ... pay 2016 Feb 1st update: Here is a compilation of the salary & bonus #'s thus far (pulled ... 500k-650k total comp Company Database Interested in more compensation data? Use the Wallstreet Oasis Company ...
  • More suggestions...

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

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