Positioning myself for macro/quant HFs

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I'm an MSc in applied math (thesis on speeding up the process of calculating option prices) in continental Europe at an academically very strong uni but not "target". I've recently done a very successful internship in data science at a "scale-up" where the CEO is trying his very best to convince me to work there. I truly love data science and have a pretty good feeling for the entire data science pipeline (data generation, storage, analysis, prediction).

However, ever since I was young I've also been fascinated by economics, politics, and history, and have read countless books on these subjects and try my very best to stay up to date on these topics. As a result, I've always dreamed of working at a global macro HF one day. I'm trying to figure out how to position myself as best as possible to get there (I have one finance internship if that matters).

My current plan is this:
- do interviewing process for prop trading firms
- if I fail and prop trading isn't really for me, I will try to get into a "target" university (London? Switzerland?) currently very worried about the whole Brexit saga
(also been thinking about a role at the ECB)
- after that I'll see where life takes me

My questions for those interested in giving me some advice:
- What's the best country for macro HFs in EU? I'm fluent in 2/3 Swiss languages if that matters.
- Do you think there is any demand for someone with a profile like me in the HF industry? If so, how would I best position myself towards getting a role at a macro HF?

Any advice appreciated, please keep in mind that I'm a European citizen.


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Aug 30, 2019