Preliminary Interview at Point72

I was recently invited to participate in a preliminary interview for the 2019 Summer Academy Program at Point72. I am wondering given my educational background what the entire process will be like. I am an economics major and have not been exposed to a ton of finance and accounting classes, so I am not sure if they would still require me to know a lot of technical questions. Obviously I can learn technical's, but that would be me memorizing an answer as opposed to me actually understanding the question asked. Also if anyone has any suggested materials to read or study that would be great too.

Thanks in advance

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May 30, 2018

NYC office or Asia?

May 30, 2018


May 30, 2018

Its for the academy program. in the academy program,

WEEK 1: Training Camp
Quickly learn the basic knowledge and skills you need to add value as an Analyst with the global intern class.

Financial modeling
Basic accounting
Team projects
Presentation training

^taken directly from the program overview

May 31, 2018

Yeah I know the programme, just asking offices

Jun 11, 2018

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Jun 10, 2018

Had a nice talk with a short-only shop recently, we talked about Point72 and his advice was "I will never hire you if you work at Point72.. Steve Cohen is a bad guy and it shows your character if you want to work with people like that"

Keep the reputation of the fund in mind as you go through your process.

Jun 11, 2018

Short-only strategy also says a lot about that guy's personality as well

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Jun 12, 2018

FWIW I think he's cleaned up a lot of past misdeeds of late. And point72 was part of his process of cleaning things up. I believe it's deisgned to train the next generation of traders in a style that won't rely on inside information.

He's clearly extremely passionate about trading.

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Jun 11, 2018

Just curious, is everyone who did the HireVue invited to their summer networking event? Any suggestions if I am planning to go?

Jun 11, 2018

Haven't gotten a HireVue but was invited to the networking event

Jun 11, 2018

I got the invite after I finished the HireVue, so i wonder if that has any correlation. Pretty cool event tho

Jun 11, 2018

What'd you think of the HireVue? Still waiting for the opportunity...

Jun 12, 2018

Me too. But apparently some people who haven't finished HireVue are invited as well.

Jun 11, 2018

I did the HireVue last night too. Got the networking invite today. Going to go to try and supplement my application.

Jun 13, 2018

How long after submitting your resume did you get the HireVue?

Jun 14, 2018

around 2 weeks

Jun 13, 2018

did hirevue saturday got invite monday

Jun 23, 2018

Did anyone get the video interview call yet and what are they expecting? I still have to submit my HireVue

Jul 9, 2018

yeah I did the video interview. super chill

Jul 11, 2019