Profile Evaluation: LBS, LSE, HEC Paris, Bocconi

"Hey all,
I'm planning on applying for the following programs this year. It would be great to receive some feedback about my admission chances.
1. London Business School (LBS): Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA)
2. London School of Economcis (LSE): Masters in Finance & Private Equity
3. HEC Paris: Masters in International Finance (MIF)
4. Bocconi University: Masters in Finance

My profile:
* Academics: Bachelors in Business Administration (1st)
* Work experience: Two off-cycle IBD internships
* Extracurricular: Exchange semester in Asia, member of a student-run investment fund
* International: Lived, studied, and worked in 6 different countries

Unfortunately, due to the limited circumstances I currently have, I have only scored 650 on the GMAT.. I'm afraid that I don't have the time to take the test again, as I am aiming to apply during the earlier rounds. My top choices would be LBS and HEC, but I'm worried that my poor GMAT score would drag me down. Should I look into other programs as well or do I have a chance at the above-mentioned schools?
Many thanks in advance!"

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Dec 19, 2018

Can't speak for LBS but I know that LSE asks for the GMAT to prove numerical skills because the course is maths heavy. If you can prove you know your numbers through thorough description of your work experience (which I assume has a numerical component to it) you should be ok. I don't know weighting but if I were to guess I would say LSE values 40% grades, 40% work experience, 20% test scores. HEC and Bocconi are probably going to like your experience because if many people go to these courses straight after undergrad, there won't be many French/Italian kids with solid work experience. Again, guessing based on friends who went there and their CV I would say weighting is 40-40-20.

In summary, I would say your chances are:
LBS: decent
LSE: good
HEC: quite good
Bocconi: quite good

If you're still nervous/unsure pick another 1-2 schools that are seen well in the markets you want to work in (not sure if that is Asia, Europe or the US).

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Dec 20, 2018


May 21, 2019

I have a similar target, except come from a non-target with economics background from India and am quite active with the co-curricular activities( president of the club, winning and hosting a lot of events etc.) but without any work ex. Do you think I have some chance in the same plus Oxford MFE and Cambridge Mphil?
thank you

Dec 20, 2018

If your top choices are LSE and LBS, I'd definitely take the GMAT again and apply in a later round. LBS average GMAT for MFA is 716, which is quite far from 650, and I suspect LSE is at least as high if not higher.

Dec 20, 2018


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Dec 20, 2018

I am in a similar situation as you. I genuinely think your profile looks great and that, looking at current class profiles, you would have a very solid shot at all the programmes you have mentioned if it wasn't for the weak GMAT score. My advice would be to re-take the exam and apply during the last round if possible.

LBS is probably the most unlikely seeing as the average is so high (716). LSE wouldn't be a problem if your undergraduate degree was quantitative, but seeing as you (like me) studied business administration, you would probably need a higher score. I can't really speak for Bocconi but you might still have a shot at HEC given your industry experience. If you definitely can't take the GMAT again, why not consider MSc Finance or Finance and Accounting at Imperial? That's a great programme too.

Hope that helps!

Dec 20, 2018


Dec 20, 2018

Please see previous posts to get a better idea of my profile.

I have applied to LBS and am deciding whether to apply to LSE. However, I am also considering not doing a MSc at all in order to do an MBA (in the US possibly) further down the line.

I believe entry requirements are lower for Imperial. I know someone who got into the MSc Finance and Accounting programme with 650 and a 2:1 in business administration from a non-target university in the UK. I also know of someone who completed their business administration UG at a semi-target in the UK and got into LSE MSc Finance without doing the GMAT. Your best bet is to contact people who are currently undertaking these programmes and ask them!

May 21, 2019

A similar situation for me as well, except do you think dual majors in economics and statistics from an Indian non target for the mentioned courses and good gre(159 in quanti and 153 in quali) creates a chance( was active in the college with relevant events and clubs)?

May 21, 2019

I am a Indian student, 21, planning on applying to LSE Msc in Finance, LBS MFA and Imperial Msc in Finance and I would like to assess my chance of getting into one of them. I would be very grateful if you could provide me with some insight on how to improve my profile.
Here ids my profile:

Education and Certifications:

Undergraduate(77.05% till 5th semester) in Computer Science Engineering from India.
Senior Secondary Education India with 83%.
Secondary Education with 9 CGPA.
I also have certificate from six sigma and CFA Investment Foundation Program.
I am an CFA Level 1 candidate.
I am currently pursuing online course from Harvard Business School Online (HBX CORe).
I have certificate from coursera regarding various courses like financial market, business and financial moodelling,investment management, private equity and venture capital, etc.

Work Experience:
6 months
Finance based tech company
Technical Intern
2 months

I was part of hand ball team in my school during my secondary education. I also secured 7th position in an National Science Olympiad conducted at school level (7 out of 500 students).
I was part of quality assurance group in our annual tech-fest of our college.
I successfully completed mini marathon counducted in our college.
I am also taking projects related to finance via coursera.

I have not taken GMAT yet but plan to take it at July end of this year.

Many thanks for any insight or advice you could give me!

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May 23, 2019

Hi devansh2402. I previously worked at LBS leading admissions for Early Career Programmes, most recently as Admissions Director, and am currently a consultant with Accepted. To provide some feedback on your profile, your academics from a technical degree appear solid. Your current 77.05% average just equates to a UK First degree, so you're on good academic grounding, and achieving an above average GMAT will provide further evidence of your academic ability and potential to succeed in the classroom. The online courses you're taking/have taken demonstrate your motivation and interest in the subject, so you should discuss your learnings from these courses and how the finance masters will help to fill any knowledge gaps. Are you planning on taking the CFA this June before applying for the next intake? If so, do make sure to state this in your application.

With your work experience, you'll want to make sure you're highlighting the skills you've developed relevant to your career aims, convincing of your ability to switch from engineering to finance. With regards to your investor role, has this been as part on an internship or have you been managing investment of personal funds? If the latter, you should aim to pursue one or two more internships before the start of the programme to get experience in the function(s) you're interested in pursuing (e.g. IBD, equity research).

Lastly, I'd suggest focusing on recent extra-curriculars at the undergraduate level unless you've been engaged in an activity for a significant stretch of time, which could begin at secondary school level and continue to today.

I hope this will be helpful. All the best with your applications.

Jamie Wright
Admissions Consultant, Accepted l Contact me

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May 23, 2019