Real Estate Masters Programs Recommendation (Georgetown vs NYU vs UC Berkeley)

I have been accepted to Georgetown, NYU, and UC Berkeley's real estate masters program. I was wondering if someone can tell me those schools' pros and cons. I have total one year experience in architecture firm as a project coordinator and I would like to pursue my career in real estate development after finishing the degree from above. Money is not an issue so please disregard everything but recruitment, curriculum, part-time opportunity, and prestige.

I would really appreciate it if someone in the forum who have gone to one of those programs and advice me to make a wise decision.

Thank you in advance.

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Jan 9, 2019

go to the school in the geographic location that you want to work. this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me (why you applied to these 3). DC? Georgetown. NYC? NYU. California? Berkeley.

I'd say the network and program at NYU is probably the most well regarded out of those three, though I am not too familiar with Berkeley's program.

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Jan 10, 2019

Thank you for your response.
First off, I do not have any geographic location preference, so I will have to make a decision based on the other factors. I am still waiting for Columbia's program but I have to make a deposit by next week so I have to decide before I will get the results from Columbia.
Based on your response, I guess NYU would be a wise choice.

Jan 10, 2019

You should start developing a location preference very quickly then.

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Jan 13, 2019

How hard is it to get into Columbia's program? Any acceptance rate stats?

Jan 10, 2019
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