Should I Extend Undergrad by a Sem for SA 2020?

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Long story short - I'm a junior at a West Coast target who got into the game pretty late. While most of SA 2019 recruiting was done by sophomore summer (I was in the first cohort when recruiting **really ** became out of hand), I only had my first 'proper' finance internship at the start of junior year and only figured out the industry then.

As a rising Senior, I'm considering extending my undergrad by a semester just so I can recruit for SA 2020 and get a shot into a BB. It's a little bit late, but not too late right now.

Should I do so? I have heard people say that SA recruiting mainly focuses on sophomores and juniors aren't given much attention. Does anyone have insights on this?
The alternative is to do FT recruiting straight after the summer, and I could possibly even graduate by 3.5 years. I'm out of state so any additional semester costs a bomb.

I'd appreciate any insight or advice!

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Apr 17, 2019

What are you doing this summer?

Apr 18, 2019

REPE (Investments)

Apr 17, 2019

What about taking a leave this upcoming semester and trying to find some sort of fall 2019 internship just to cut down on the costs of having to pay for 9 semesters?

Apr 18, 2019

My circumstance doesn't allow me to take a semester off, though part-time is an option

Apr 17, 2019

How competitive are you for SA recruiting right now? Extending graduation is common, but if it'll cost a lot of money it should only be for a strong SA spot. If your GPA and extracurriculars are competitive and you have an internship set up for this summer, the extra semester would be well worth it. FT recruiting is hard if you're already not doing IB this summer.

My advice is to not say right off the bat that you're a junior though. Change your resume to "Class of 2021". If the application asks for exact dates or if someone asks if you're a junior, be honest, but don't advertise it. By graduation year you're technically a sophomore

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Apr 18, 2019

Thanks for the advice on positioning my resume - I think it makes a lot of sense.

I wouldn't say I'm the most competitive, but I think I'm considered competitive enough - does that make sense? I expect being able to put 3.7 as my GPA, and i'll have a summer experience at an REPE shop by next semester.

Apr 19, 2019