Sophomore non-target, Goldman Sachs application, realistic options (BO vs. MO)


So everyone here talks about IBD and that is my ultimate goal as well but I am a sophomore at a non-target (send a couple kids to IB each year, some at BBs in NY).

My school's application deadline for GS is tomorrow night (well tonight technically, 12/5) and I was wondering what some realistic places were that I could apply to?

You can apply to up to 3 areas and right now I have NY Area and Finance. Not completely back office, more middle, isn't it?

But I have a 3.7 GPA (going down slightly after this semester, glad I'm applying now haha)
ok work experience, unpaid internship (not really finance but interesting). Pretty good school activities/involvement.

So I feel like I could competitive for some BO/MO roles, but have no idea which ones to apply for.

Would like to go to NYC or Chicago after graduation but would prefer NYC.

Is PWM one of the easier ones to get? Doing a search suggests that it is almost a "waste" to do pwm as a soph but their still could be some inner firm networking, right?

What other groups? I'm a finance major but I'm kind of open to whatever.

Operations? Seems like its shit on here, but would it be good as a soph? Merchant Banking/Private Equity? Global Investment Research?

Love to do GS IBD as a soph, but that is just unrealistic.
What should I be aiming for? What do you think I have a realistic shot at?