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I have a job offer to join a fund which is an early stage venture lender as an investment analyst. Was wondering if anyone has experience from these kind of funds and can tell me about culture, exit opps, day to day tasks etc.


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Jun 4, 2014

Bump, as I am interested in understanding venture debt as well.

Jun 26, 2014

I work with a few venture debt shops. It seems like a good place to be if you want to be plugged into the vc space and start-up scene.

Debt capital sits atop VC money, so these shops essentially structure hybrid securities. That being said, you are analyzing the same investment that VCs do, you just have greater downside protection and less upside potential.

Good skillset to have if you want to do venture capital. You could probably even swing mezzanine investing as well. PE is pretty cut and dry, and you probably need to do investment banking, despite the fact that you would be learning very valuable skillsets in venture lending--welcome to pedigree and structure.

Most importantly, ask yourself if you like venture investing to begin with, and go from there.

Jun 26, 2014


Jun 26, 2014