Wanting to begin my FT career in Dallas while a SA in NY

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To start, a brief background on myself:

Grew up in the mid-west/south
Senior at non-target school in the SEC, graduating May 2017, GPA: 3.9+, good amount of involvement/leadership roles/jobs on campus

Most relevant work experience includes:
corporate finance (FLDP) internship prior to my junior year @ F15 corporation in the Northeast @ company's HQ
Incoming SA at a BB bank working in Corporate Banking (I fly out to NY next week)

Here is my dilemma. I'm familiar enough with the Greater NY area to know that I am most likely going to enjoy my summer in the city, regardless of how much I do or do not end up working. However, I don't enjoy the thought of becoming a full-time resident of the area. For many personal reasons, I believe I would be happiest coming out of college living/working in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The program I am in right now, given that I receive a full-time offer at the end of the summer, would put me back in NY full-time. My firm has other operations in the DFW area (commercial banking, PB, etc.), but the program I am in would likely never place me there.

I have interests that span across the main areas of finance that these forums discuss (Consulting, HF, PE, IB, CorpFin, etc.), and I don't particularly know what I want to do once I graduate, as I'm still testing out many of these fields. So, I'm not sure how to best position myself for my future. While under most circumstances I would have no problem spending a few years in NY, I have a current life situation that has me wanting to be in Dallas as soon as I graduate. Any help, insight, personal experience, etc. would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

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May 29, 2016

There are a couple of options. First and foremost, do the SA and then use OCR to get back. I'm sure you could go from whatever shop you're at to either another BB or a super regional or regional bank. Look into who has offices in that area and also look into related lines of business e.g. commercial real estate lending, non-bank lenders/BDCs. I'd reach out to any and all alums in finance and have a good game plan for going into August. Try hard to get the offer it's important as leverage and to avoid being thought of as damaged goods.

Barring that, just go to nyc for a few years then either lateral back to DFW or if you're planning to do an MBA anyway do one and make the move then at what is already a natural pivot point.

May 29, 2016

Unfortunately, the OCR presence at my uni isn't anything worth paying attention to unless you want to work in retail or big 4/corp accounting. However, I have been developing a running list of employers who have offices in the area to have ready as soon as application season arrives. Any good way you recommend to find useful alumni? I am planning on doing all that I can to ensure that I receive a return offer at the conclusion of the summer. Thanks for the insight.

May 29, 2016

LinkedIn use the alumni search feature.

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