What should I do with that land?

Hello guys!

My grandfather is 91 and my grandmother just turned 80. When my grandfather was younger, he was working in the construction field and the company where he used to work failed. His boss did not have the money to pay him so he offered him a backhoe. During few years, my grandfather build a very nice place.

  • Location : 47.855918, -2.114210 on google maps (Brittany, France)
  • Around 6 acres.
  • 1 very large pound (0.8 acres) and another small (0.3 acres)
  • The large pound has a big waterfall in the middle and
  • The large pound also has a very nice terrace on it (yeah, on it) where you can invite up to 30 people)
  • A lot of fish in both pound
  • You can swim, the water is clean
  • A little house in hood
  • A forest
  • A lot of nice places to chill in the nature
  • A ground ball
  • There is a lot of vegetation everywhere, this is really nice, this is not just 2 random pounds.

However :

  • No electricity and water
  • We don't have the right to build a real house
  • Far from everything

My parents wants to sell it for EU120k but I don't think it's a good thing. My grand parents worked really hard all their life to build that thing. I am asking my parents for pictures, but all of my friends told me it's like paradise and they are from the countryside, so I can't imagine what is like if someone who never left Paris if he is coming here. What I was thinking to do :

  • Rent that place for companies seminar or for people who are living in cities and wants to get out for a week or two. Activites can be fishing, hunting or visiting some local farms and being a farmer for one day.

Do you think we should sell that place? Otherwise, what can we do? (keep in mind that is 1 hour from a large city, Rennes and Rennes is 2.5 hours away from Paris in train)

Thank you!


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Oct 28, 2018

Hi French35, the silence is deafening, sorry about that.... Any of the threads below helpful?

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Oct 31, 2018

This is a pretty specific question and I don't think anyone can answer it for you since it's pretty personal AND most people don't know the value of a rural house in France. I think you have 3 main options:

1)Rent it (your way)
2)Rent it (as a cottage)
3)Sell It

1)Renting it your way would be the most fulfilling and highest revenue potential. You could possibly partner with a company who could handle day-to-day operations. They could use it for corporate getaways or for meditation retreats (anything if you market it right)
2)Renting it out as a cottage would be extremely possible (if its as beautiful as you say).
3)It sounds like you don't want to sell it. If you have to just make sure you do enough research on price, market conditions etc.

I think 1>2>3 is how I would prefer the options if I were in your shoes.

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Oct 31, 2018

Piggybacking off thepropertydude, I highly agree with renting it out.

Boutique hotels or B&B's can have significant cash flows if you market it right, and create an environment that people keeping wanting to come back to. I'd also look into turning some of that acreage into a vineyard which could also be a draw for the B&B / boutique hotel + another revenue stream.

When it comes down to it, it really depends on how much time are you going to put into it, and how much money are you willing to invest into it? In the meantime, I'd get it appraised to get a value of the land itself.

I Googled the site and it seems pretty out there (~4 hours outside Paris), but then again people love the French countryside and the privacy it offers.

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Nov 2, 2018