...if there is a difference

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From my understanding its the same thing. Some banks call it investment management some call it asset

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i believe that asset management is often used to include two main subsections: investment management and private wealth/private banking. the former dealing wit institutions, the latter with individuals. would like to hear some industry "insiders' " definitions tho...


Not really a difference between the two but if Ihad to classify them:

Asset Management: institutional money management i.e mutual funds

Investment Management: private wealth management, investment advisory, private banking


At GS investment management is the division and it's split in two: PWM and AM


Most asset management companies combine them together, which means they are basically the same thing


can anyone else weigh in on this further? maybe some more details as to how they are the same and when they are different? are there certain firms that do have distinct meanings?
thx alot


Investment Management vs. Asset Management
The terms investment management and asset management are interchangeable. They
refer to the same practice, the professional management of assets through investment.
Investment management is used more when referring to the activity or career (i.e.,
"I'm an investment manager" or "That firm is gaining a lot of business in investment
management"), whereas Asset Management is used more with reference to the industry
itself (i.e., "The asset management industry").

From 'Vault-Career-Guide-to-investment-Management'

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  •  9/17/15

The financial industry makes use of the phrase "Asset Management", but it is done inappropriately.

Asset Management connotes something more passive: a custodial and care-taking function over assets under administration - for example, the management of physical plant and equipment is asset management. To apply this term to fund management or discretionary management of financial portfolios is inappropriate.

Investment management connotes something more active: that is, discretion as to the investment decision. This means the action of deciding whether to buy, sell or hold the asset.


Looks like a standard IM analyst stint. Definitely not BO.


Do you know the type of experience you would get in this type of work? Would it be very similar to financial modeling?


doesn't sound like BO, could be MO though

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