Why do different sources misguide the common un educated investors with data whether

Why do different sources misguide the common un educated investors by giving inaccurate data whether it is EPS P/E or any crucial data.

Yahoo finance has terrible PE rations and Eps 

The Nasdaq data does not match Reuters analysis and so on bond information varies and finding the correct information is time consuming rather than running the numbers fast.  

How is this legal when people are making what they believe are informed decisions on stocks while they could be buying a overvalued stock or could be shorting a cheap undervalued stock just because the numbers were off.

  • I know I could do some of the math myself and read the companies statements and so forth but I don't think its fair for those who don't understand how those numbers come to be. 

If I was wrong or misinformed please let me know and I will revise or delete my post thank you.

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May 23, 2021 - 9:22pm

It just gets pulled from FactSet/Reuters etc which itself just automatically attempts to pull certain line items from sellside research and SEC filings. 

The average retail investor either only buys index funds or is balls deep in shitco call options who cares.

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