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How easy/difficult is it to transfer to TAS at a big 4 firm as an audit associate. Also, how should I go about this. I don't know anyone in TAS or anyone who has switched. Thanks.

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    I've heard it take 2-3 years of being a top performer in your group and networking with the Senior Managers and Partners of the advisory group you're hoping to join.


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    I did that transfer from the audit to the Transaction. You can join the due diligence team since your experience will be a little bit similar to theirs...however, doing your CFA will be a great benefit and will boost your chances of transfer..afterall, everyone needs someone with assurance and finance experience

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    It depends on a number of things: whether you're any good, the market environment at the time etc, but it becomes difficult more than 2 years post qualified. Big 4 Gossip have some pretty good intel on this, but I agree, showing some commitment by doing some further study, and proactively speaking to people in the department will help.

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    I'm also interested in answers to this thread as I just completed my first year in audit at the Big4 and would like to move to TS preferably soon. A friend in the group said 2 years experience is better when trying to interview/transition in. What else would be beneficial to do to improve my resume/experience and chances of getting interviews during the next few months? While I do have a finance degree, I won't have much time to study for the CFA this Dec/next June due to work and other obligations so any advice on other things that can make me stand out or show my commitment/experience in finance would be of help.