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I am currently a Finance and Econ dual major. I enjoy the markets and the ideas of finance, but I have noticed myself more interested in the consulting aspect of things. I noticed it during my interview for a SA at BB. I was curious what it is like trying to get an entry level consulting job. Is it like banking where typically the internship is the way in? Or could I use me SA position and add it to resume while still attempting to get into consulting. As a 28 yr old (spent 8 years in Marines) I do not have the luxury of just hanging around waiting.

Anyone else go from banking internship junior year to entry level consulting? Would love some thoughts. I am hoping to attend a conference day at Deloitte.

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    Two things:

    1) Unlike investment banking, most of the full-time employees at M/B/B consulting (and I imagine other firms as well, but not sure) come from full-time recruiting rather than internship direct hires. So don't worry if the internship doesn't work out this time around.

    2) Bulge bracket investment banking internships to M/B/B consulting is fairly common. I know many who have done this (and planned to do it from the moment they started in investment banking). Try to get a return offer, since it helps, but a lot of the skills (attention to detail, work endurance, etc) are well-regarded in consulting.