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So I usually try to avoid giving out serious advice due to my complete lack of overall experience or knowledge of the finer points of finance or the industry. Yet today I learned a valuable lesson of persistence, which I think is something that many can at least consider (if not learn from).

I recently applied to a small MM investment bank through their website in a resume drop; not for any specific opening. I was soon emailed back by a HR rep telling me that I should consider a position opening up soon for a credit analyst position in NYC (near where I am). I jumped on the chance, as I had not yet received any significant positive feedback from anyone. I kept in contact with HR and felt very confident to get an interview due to my experience and the feedback from HR.

Two weeks pass and I email the HR rep, only to receive the devastating news that I was not going to have an interview. Now at this point I was very dejected and demoralized; this position fit my resume almost to the T, and yet I had nothing to show for my efforts.

I emailed the HR rep back asking to speak with her over the phone about what aspects of my candidacy did not fit the position. She obliged, and kindly set up a call with me. As I went over my resume with her over the phone she stated that the position was in DC, and that the local applicants were more desirable due to their geographical location. Now I was confused and told her that was not the position I had originally applied for. After some discussion about this error, I realized that HR had made a mistake and had been considering me for the more immediate position! They told me that they were actually very interested in my candidacy for the credit research role and we proceeded to have a preliminary interview.

While I am still hoping to be invited to a real interview, the recruiter gave me a strong perception of their intent of having me for an interview and seemed extremely interested in me. Long story short, HR makes mistakes and things get missed in the thousands of applications online. Sometimes persistence does payoff.

Hope these are some encouraging words for someone out there.


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    Thanks, hope it all goes well. Being nontarget makes life very tough sometimes.

    "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

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    During the recruitment process somebody from our HR asked me if I was studying for the...ahh..dangit, what's it called. It's like the CPA, except for Finance?

    "Well that's even more than less than unhelpful." - Jack Sparrow

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    BigSwingingDave wrote:
    A big lesson to learn in the job interview process is that you should always assume HR is incompetent. You should ALWAYS be very respectful and polite to them though, as they can help/hurt your chances significantly early on in the game.

    Definitely true; have to handle with care. Also I think I may have gotten a little lucky with an HR rep that was willing to discuss my short comings after the fact that they thought I'd been dismissed. But I think at any company where you have a direct contact in HR, you can most of the time be able to sweet talk your way into speaking with them about your qualifications. Even if they haven't made a mistake, I think it can be very insightful.

    "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

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