Example 1 (MD):

Basically I shoot an email, respond the next day

i shoot an email back, they respond in minutes

Call the prerson

thank you email

few more emails back and forth, asks for my resume

i send resume, no response

Example 2 (VP):

Shoot emails back and forth

Person asks for resume and to schedule a call in a week or two

Email resume, no response

There were immediate responses at first, but no response after the resume

What's up, does this mean my resume just sucks? should i call them to ask if they had the chance to look it over and ask for recommendations? not sure what to even call about really...

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Post your resume

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Not necessarily your resume, there are a multitude of reasons why the opportunity could have gone away...


How do you even know if the "opportunity go away"

am i just overthinking it?


How do you even know if the "opportunity go away"

am i just overthinking it?

They stop responding to you or outright tell you that you're out of the running.


Post resume.


You need to post your resume.


Might be overthinking it... people do get busy.


Email back a week later saying you just wanted to make sure they got your resume. They might just be busy.


At this time every year... a bunch of new users ask people to post their resumes. I've done the same thing. These guys just want to look at your resume to work on their own.

There's a chance they could be circulating your resume to the right people, so just hold tight and circle back in a week or so.


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Telling from my own experience.

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