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I came across this funny article in the Boston Globe a while back about all the annoying buzzwords people throw around the office.

If terms like "value-add" and "thinking outside the box" make you want to jam a laser pointer into your eye, you are not alone in your suffering. Having been asked to "leverage their core competencies" one too many times, workers all across the country are offering up a collective response: Stop the insanity.

What's the worst business jargon you hear around your office?


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    worst ive heard is "on a go-forward basis"

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    •  on 5/21/06 at 4:11pm
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    If I could just "piggy back" on what he was saying... or maybe someone else could kind of "unpack that" a little more.

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    •  on 5/22/06 at 9:45am
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    Do we really always need to "crank" or "jam"? There are some additional annoying modeling words, but these are the worst; constantly overused. I can't stand to hear either around the office anymore.

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    The worst business jargon I hear on a daily basis is.. caveat.. the only caveat is.. i swear if I hear that one more time, I might have to use that laser pointer.

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    I would have to agree that "jamming" is the most irritating modeling phrase ever.

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    "talk to that point", "get our arms around that"

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    "we are in the business of creating synergies mate" "Shift those graphs" "Massage the red dots"

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    "why don't you go ahead and take a stab at that and get back to me" (usually from some lazy-ass associate pawning off his work)

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    What we need to do is ... Why don't we ... And of course Mr. Client, we will work through the night to get this to you first thing in the morning.

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    "Get a download"

    "He has some extra bandwidth"

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    "whats the time line" annoys the hell out of me

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    -apples to apples
    -apples to oranges

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    (Vanilla strategy, Vanilla buying, etc.)

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    •  on 6/16/06 at 9:28am
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    "it is what it is."

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    •  on 6/29/06 at 4:51pm
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    touch base, circle up,

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    "drill down" ... used by a VP to say that you need to "drill down" on a certain topic - i.e. go away and do hours of pointless research for few tangible results

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    •  on 6/29/06 at 10:17pm
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    "at the end of the day"
    "let's take a stab at it"
    "can we circle up"
    "deep dive"

    And my favorite, "capacity". John, do you have capacity to model this out to year 2329??

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    who's your daddy?

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    Ha, I have to agree that "capacity" is a pretty bad one.

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    i agree possibly the most annoying office jargon word

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    •  on 6/30/06 at 3:35pm
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    let's not hammer a dead horse
    let's not reinvent the wheel

    ahhhhh, how bout let's not throw a haymaker at your eye when you're not looking

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    hate the term ...bandwidth...

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    How about so and so 'pinged me' last in sent an email via blackberry....ughhhhh....'pinged me'....shudder

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    "On a go-forward basis" makes me cringe, too. Is the future tense not sufficient? Also dislike "offsite" used as a noun.

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    Roadmap is another one I can't stand. Just tell me the plan.

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    "low hanging fruit"
    "pari passu"
    "ready, fire, aim"
    "out of pocket"
    "sh*t flows downhill".....

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    Do you have the "Capacity" to take on another project.

    of course they already know what your answer should and will be...

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    Bankers love to "opine" on the situation. Loosely translated-here is our thoughts but if we are wrong, it was just an opinion, certainly not to be taken as an absolute...

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    Anything Latin. Para pisu comes to mind.

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    Isn't everyone pro-active? are there people that are anti-activity?

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    It's not so much the buzzwords that I hate, but rather the people that drop them without end.

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    if i hear my staffer say it one more time...

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    I can't stand the word "analyst". Just call me what I am, your bitch.