Why is this Quant so Angry and So Out of Touch?

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So all new users to WSO get 6 free financial modeling lessons, 5 of my best tips for networking and my best tips for interviewing over the first month of being a user.

Tonght I got a response from one of my networking tips e-mails from a slightly older gentleman that is a "financial consultant" with a bit of a quant background that surprised me...here is is:

Thanks for the old networking idea.

Since the hiring world seems to be dominated by beer drinking extroverts, who want to be begged for an interview by Quants and C++ programming introverts in networking events, I believe companies will get what they deserve - more beer drinking working buddies. Market bubbles will burst again, the beer drinkers will regurgitate Jim Cramer and the rest of the crowd, CFAs and economists will disappear into the crowd and make fewer phone calls to their clients.

Screw networking - it is below my intelligence.

I'm not sure if this was a joke, but clearly this guy is out of touch...my reply was:

Thank you for the response. It's not the hiring world that is dominated by "beer-drinking extroverts" that is the problem - it's the tendency that beer-drinking extroverts are more likeable and usually better at sales. So if companies are looking to grow sales and the job doesn't require programming knowledge, who should they hire?

What about my friend who is a phD at MIT and loves beer? I think you may have a warped perspective on what networking is ...sure it's the cold call, the cold email and the informational interview, but at it's core, (when it's done right), you are making true friendships. What about your [redacted]- don't you meet friends doing that? If you met a friend there and you lost your job, he wouldn't try to help you out?

Last time I checked, it was the "beer-drinking extroverts" that are getting laid off and the quants are the ones in high demand. So I'm not sure what networking sessions you've been attending with desperate "quants", but maybe, just maybe, developing some people skills may help you in your consulting business. After all, I'd argue that is just as much sales as it is analytical (at least if you want anyone to know about your superior intellectual capabilities and your ability to deliver alpha).


ps - you can unsubscribe from the e-mails so you don't have to be put through my networking tips :-)

...so I thought I'd open it up to the community because I was so surprised to get an email like that when I've seen the benefits of networking first hand so many times.

Is this guy angry because he has been telling his clients to stay out of the market since the beginning of 2013 and he's pissed at the "dumb money"? That's what my $s are on :-)

Any guesses or does anyone else think like this?