Welcome to WallStreetOasis's collection of funny threads, we think you'll have a hearty laugh at what's found here.

Disclaimer: WSO does not wish to make fun of any person and welcomes questions of all kinds. By posting your thread to the humor section, we merely thought the responses were hilarious, and encourage you to ask more questions!


  • Jedi Mind Tricks: We don't server their kind here. May the Force be with you.
  • Blastoise: We'll get all of his threads cataloged at some point, but let's start off with the most prestigious job opportunity we've ever seen
  • Blumie's Greatest Hits: We'll start off with the top of the charts and work our way down! In order of amusement (read: in order we found them): Hot Car / No Girl, Monies Plz (kthxbye edition), Man on Fire, Blumie Starts a Company, and, last but not least, I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It
  • Resumes, Part II: What do you think might be here?
  • (Lack of) Sexy in the City: Dan has a problem. Don't worry, Dan Bush was soon thereafter exposed, twice
  • Strong: The Spartans had 300, she has AT LEAST 5,000...
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  • The Devil: Uncle Eddie asks how it is and then goes ahead <a href="//www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/four-loko-is-the-devi...>and tries it, watch out Tim Ferriss. PS- Aren't you a bit old for these kind of shenanigans, sir?
  • We Can Count: Most of our users can count to at least the six figures they command in compensation, but alas, those parentheses can be a bitch
  • The PJC Saga: We must immortalize this, but we'd also like to include our own PJC thread
  • Fashion: On The Street, we drink with our pinkies up
  • King Kong: Must anything be said other than King Kong Shits & Giant Bananas?
  • Annoyances: A new classic thread, random things that piss you off
  • A Real Debate: Which one is worse - hippies or hipsters?
  • Beauty or Brains: The dating scene is sooo ridiculous, what's with all the poor people thinking that they're as good as us?
  • Shitequette: To battleshit or not to battleshit, THAT is the question.
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