Hey guys, i’m currently transferring out my 2 year honors program at community college. I was lucky to get into Babson College with 100% tuition covered. When it comes to UF, being my state school, i would be going for free due to some state scholarships and will probably get 1-2k in scholarship refunds every semester.

Housing is more expensive at babson than UF. All things considered, i want to break into the AM industry and hope to one day become a PM. I know some students from UF who are currently at JPM AM, and one in Blackstone PE (grad student).

Which school do you guys think would be better to break into AM.

Financially and practically UF will be more fun and cheaper. If you love being in a rich Boston suburb go to Babson, but when I applied to colleges I was pretty turned off by their faux Stanford “entrepreneurship” personality. You’ll be able to go to the NE with UF too if you want, but with Citadal and GS PWM in Miami I’m not too sure you’d wanna do that.

Tl;dr go with your gut is saying because UF is better.


Thanks for the response. Yea i really feel like the size of UF makes the Alumni Network not even close. It’s just hard trying to find color on AM placements at UF. As most data out there is on IB or they will lump WM with AM. Which in florida WM is really big, but i want to end on up on a pure AM shop one day.

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