Comp for new analysts in LO (4-6yrs as a research associate prior)?

Hey guys -- what is total comp these days for a new analyst at LO with 5-6yrs of research experience? I remember about 6-7yrs ago it was 300k all-in, I've anecdotally heard data points that it's now 350-400k all in but not sure how true those are. Any thoughts? 

I'm looking to leave my current firm for an Analyst role elsewhere & trying to understand how much comp is fair after ~5yrs of research experience (couple details: I'm a sr. associate now / have my CFA / target UG / work at a top boutique right now with $20-50bl AUM). Any thoughts would be massively appreciated 

Have also heard $300k+ is normal for 1st year analyst at top funds but for one addl data point I am a first year at a well-known firm (larger AUM than yours) and at ~$250k TC, albeit not in a HCOL area. Have been told it will scale to $500-600 over next 3-4 years (equivalent to ~10YOE at that point). Not sure if that helps.

I want to say “yes” if you’re isolating this to large LOs, but it can really vary.

I don’t have visibility into the senior analysts here but my feeling is if you’re in your mid 30s with some tenure at a reputable fund you should be above $500k. Beyond that idk and I’m sure others are higher/lower

I’m guessing mid 30s is probably closer to 600-800k if performance is decent. Unlikely to get to the 7 figures until one makes PM or becomes a reputable senior analyst.

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Yeah, my perspective is if you’re under $500k you’re either not performing well or the fund economics aren’t good enough for you to make above that. If neither of those things are true you’re underpaid. The magnitude above $500k you make depends a lot but personally $500k is kind of the number where I’d start to ask questions about whether or not I’m underpaid and if so, if there’s a reason I can identify.

Maybe the low end is $600k in HCOL, would say the high end is prob around $700-800k. It really just depends on your performance and the economics of your fund. Above $700k and you’re a top performer/on PM track at a good fund. Know it’s frustrating but it’s hard to give a definitive answer since AM comp is high on average but there’s a wide range especially ad you move up.

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