duPont Trust FOF role?

Hi all,

What are your thoughts about this role with duPont Trust (AM with 17b AUM)? It looks like an FOF to me, meaning working there would not develop any direct investment skills. However, I'm curious what valuable skills I could take out of it given a 3-4 year rotational program in public and private assets. Would this just mean looking at different PMs in the different spaces or would there be significant transferable skills to be learned?

The Alfred I. duPont Testamentary Trust is seeking an exceptional professional to join a leading investment management organization that invests exclusively for the benefit of pediatric healthcare. Today, the Trust's dedicated team manages over $6 billion in assets that provides support to the Nemours Foundation, a leading children's health care system that includes the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, the Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando's Medical City, and Nemours Children's Clinics in Delaware, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. To date, the Trust has provided more than $2.7 billion for the care and treatment of children primarily in Delaware and Florida, and it has helped hundreds of thousands of sick children find health and new hope for the future, regardless of ability to pay. The Trust's and Nemours Foundation's headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Senior Investment Analyst position is a unique opportunity to work directly with the dedicated professionals of a small, flat investment organization that has generated strong long-term returns for its beneficiaries. The Senior Investment Analyst position is a full-time, exempt position, designed to last three to four years in length with rotation between the public and private market segments of the portfolio and will report to the appropriate directors of the Public and Private Market segment. This model provides exposure to the full breadth of asset classes and strategies in the Trust's global opportunity set. You will play a meaningful role on our investment team and will gain access to intensive training in broad investment management skills. You will learn to combine analytical ability with practical experience and judgment. Additionally, the Trust sponsors each Senior Investment Analyst to complete the CFA designation while employed at the Trust.

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