Is it normal that the onboarding process takes more than 3 months?


I am currently in the onboarding process for a summer internship in a BB Bank AM division. My onboarding process started in February and I am still not done with it. They keep coming up with dumb questions every 2 weeks and are extremely slow to answer emails. It's also very hard to communicate since they outsource part of the process which ends up overlapping with what they do in-house and in the end, I answer twice the same questions but to two different organizations. Is the onboarding process such a mess everywhere or is it an exception? The process also get extended because I have a tiny line in my criminal record (I was even aware that I had a criminal record before asking for it) because I drove a small scooter without the right license for it and got fined 500 bucks. Do you think that they are trying to find a reason to reject me? Would you think that the scooter thing kind be a legit reason? I am kind of freaking out right now. 

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